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Hidden Bead
Hand Tied Extensions

Why Extensions?

The answer to this question is limitless! Do you  long for thicker, fuller hair? Can't seem to grow your hair past a certain length? Regret a new haircut? Have breakage but still want to be blonder? Want to change up your color but don't want to risk damaging your hair? Want to be able to do big boho braids but don't have enough hair? If any of these sound like you, extensions might be for you!

Extensions add instant volume, shape, length, and can even be colored to match your existing style perfectly. And all with little to no damage to your real hair.


How it Works

I'm sure you're thinking, what exactly are hand tied extensions and how are they sewn into your head? Well, they are very thin wefts of hair about 12" in width. A minimum of 4 wefts are used on a single beaded row. To make the beaded row, your hair is looped through silicone lined beads in a horseshoe shaped section on your head. The wefts are then sewn onto the hair on either side of the beads. The process is fairly quick and easy, about an hour per row and usually 1-2 rows are needed to create your perfect length and volume!


A complimentary consultation is required before booking for an extension install. This helps determine your hair goals, the right amount of wefts and rows needed, as well as color matching to your real hair. After the initial consultation, a 50% deposit is required to cover the cost of your hair! Click the link below to fill out an intake form!

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